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Why Support Spirit FM?

Spirit FM's focus is to live the love of Jesus Christ with you, and to encourage you to share His hope and mercy with others. 
When you give, you are funding the ministry of Spirit FM for you, your family and are directly impacting others:    
"Spirit FM was there for me through my divorce and the worse pain I've ever felt. Every day I listened. I was encouraged. It gave me the strength I needed to keep pushing; to get up and go to work and to cry out to God more than I've ever had. I am so grateful and for that I sincerely thank you!!" Liz
Because of you, someone will be encouraged. Someone will be strengthened and someone will come to know Christ.  What a gift you are giving!
Why is Spirit FM Different?
Our music is fresh and new.  Though you can always count on us for your favorites too!  You also know your kids can listen, but you will be entertained! 
We are here for you! For prayer, for teachings or an encouraging word. 
"I always find myself laughing with and sometimes at the things they say. I also listen on the way home after work and prayer time then as well. I like hearing about everyone's weekend plans and stories they share of their families. It's like I know them personally.
The only other time I have emailed was when Abby was praying with me through one of my 5 miscarriages several years ago. I remember thinking, this total stranger was emailing back and asking how I was and would pray for me. I felt kinda special."
Spirit FM 90.5 is supported by your monthly gifts.
Spirit FM is made possible by people like you!  We do receive gifts from business and churches, but it is those monthly gifts from individuals that are the heart of our ministry.      
So what does my monthly support pay for?
  • Keeping the station on the air - Programming, business expenses, maintenance, publishing and streaming fees, etc.
  • Music - Spirit FM is music!  While playing music on the radio sounds simple it's actually quite costly due to publishing rights, royalties, streaming fees, etc.
  • Prayer - Spirit FM receives an estimated 6000 prayer requests a year.  Your gift makes certain someone is here to answer that request!  
  • Christ-centered, safe entertainment for you and your family. Every day you are inundated with negative news stories and media. Spirit FM is giving you an alternative to all that other stuff. 
  • Teachings--Each day, Spirit FM provides you solid, Christian teachings through programs, interviews and segments. It is not just an "element" of our day between music - it is the pinnacle of our programming.      
  • Encouragement - For the single mom who is struggling to make ends meet, for the person thinking about taking their life, for the family in deep financial debt, someone who needs to hear from God, and the right song comes on…  Spirit FM is a refuge from the stresses of life - but so much more than that - Spirit FM is about YOU, pointing towards the truth in God's Word.  
  • Community Outreach - All those great events that bring our community together: Escape Schools, feeding the hungry, blood drives, backpack drives, walks/runs and school events and of course - Fish Frys. It's all about you!
Sustaining Members
This is an automatic, monthly payment from your credit or debit card.  It saves the ministry money, which means we can put your gift to even better use!  You can also set up so that your gift is automatically drafted from your checking or savings account.  Whichever is easiest for you. 
Are my donations Tax Deductible?
Yup, they sure are!  Spirit FM is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization, owned and operated by the Diocese of St. Petersburg and gifts to the station are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by the law.
What are Pledge Drives?
Three times a year or Spring, Fall and Winter, (okay it's Florida so--Hot, Super Hot and Less Hot) Spirit FM changes our formatting and asks listeners to go deep and give to the ministry. You don't need to wait for a pledge drive though—you can give at any time and any amount!  Just click that Donate button at myspiritfm.com or call 813.289.8040. 
Leave Spirit FM in My Will/Estate Plans? 
We know that Spirit FM has become part of the family for many of our listeners and ensuring the future of ministry is very important to many of us.  Leaving the station in your will is an easy way to do that! Make sure to call and let us know your plans. 
I have other questions can I call and ask?
Yes! Anytime: 813.289.8040 ext. 231 or email Patrick at: patrick@myspiritfm.com.
We're here to serve you, your family, and our community in any way possible.
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