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Get a Spirit FM Magnet

I went out and bought three new cars JUST so I could put Spirit FM magnets on them!

- Joe in Riverview

I covered my back windshield with Spirit FM magnets, until I had to go in reverse and then I realized that wasn't such a good idea. Thank goodness they are removable! I'm down to two on the bumper. Much safer!

- Sandy from Largo

I was ready to fork over $50 - $100 to get a magnet. It's worth it to tell everyone about Spirit FM. How excited was I when I found out you'll send me one for free!

- Anna from Lutz

Ok, none of that is true, but what IS true is this - We hear from so many people that they started listening to Spirit FM because they were walking through the church parking lot and saw a Spirit FM magnet on someone's car. And we all know it doesn't take long from there for God to start speaking through the music and ministry!

So help spread the word about the station that is making a difference in your life. Fill out the form below to get a free magent mailed right to you.


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If you would prefer NOT to receive super-cool promotional emails from Spirit FM, check the box below.





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