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Courageously Praying


While we are not able to join together in worship at our local churches, we can join together in prayer! Through prayer, we put our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus to be our protection and guide. While we are separated by quarantines, self-isolation and social distancing, in Christ, we are never alone.
Spirit FM partners with you and thousands of others daily for prayer.
Join us five times daily at 6:50am, 7:50am, 12:30pm, 5:50pm, and 10:30pm in prayer for your intentions. We'd also love for you to send us a praise report on how the Lord has blessed you. 
You can submit your prayer by emailing prayer@myspiritfm.com, or by calling our prayer line at 813-282-1234.
If you'd like to volunteer to lift others in prayer, sign up to pray today!

If you would like to request a copy of the Rosary on CD, please send an email with your name and address to the Office Manager by clicking here.
Every week day Spirit FM airs the Mass at 11am and 11:30pm. Before the start of the Mass, you'll hear Padre Pio's Prayer or the Universal Prayer.
Following the Mass you'll hear the Litany of the Saints sung by Matt Maher. To purchase a copy of the Litany click here.
Thank you for joining our prayer community!

God bless you!

Bishop Gregory Parkes Introduces "Courageously Praying" Virtual Community from Diocese of St. Petersburg on Vimeo.



Prayer Wall


January 29, 2021


Repose of soul- Leah


Jon-blockage in a vein in Brain

Brandon and his family

Noel - healing and for her job situation

Paula- last Chemo treatment today!

Karina and her daughter

ROS - Jim (lost his fight with cancer)

Ricky- to stay clean and find his way back


Maria - getting 2nd COVID vacine

Catherine - brain tumor

Joseph and John - Parkinson's

Dean, Debbie and their family - healing and protection

Joe - speedy recovery

Katherine- Brain

Joseph and John





Michelle and her husband

Margarita and her sons

January 15, 2021




Jan and Shawn and their families- COVID


Lisa's intentions

Joyce- Cancer has increased- in lots of pain

Tom- starting a new job today

Carlton - healing

Nick - salvation

Matt - salvation

Kristy - Health

ROS of Marcus (Walt's friend's father) for peace and comfort for his family

Ethyl's family

Peace in the country

Andy- healing

ROS- Dennis-lost his fight of Covid- for his wife Debbie

ROS-Richard- and for his family celebrating his life today

ROS- Master Corporal Brian LaVigne (La Veene according to search)

Kristy - Infection

PW- grandson

Teresa- having a baby today


Allison and Tommy - healing for their marriage

Abbie-kidney has rejected

Michelle- her marriage




Andy- peace of mind



Bruce- hip surgery

Marcia and her family

Susana's family


January 5, 2021

Henry- recovering from COVID- getting out of ICU 

Raymond-Rare form of Leukemia

Frank-Repose of soul


Trish and her family

George- to find meaning


Repose of the soul of Marge

Theo- Covid

Repose of the soul of Roger's wife & peace for him and his family

Reponse of the soul of Doug's father and healing for Doug who is in Hospital



Baby Aiden

Gina - who had surgery

Repose of the soul of Richard

Mary - healing from COVID


Kenny - healing

Repose of the soul of Glen

Barbara - healing

Gary - successfil surgery, for his loved ones

Repose of the soul of Julian and for his mother, Martha

Paula - successful chemo treatment

Margarita's sons

Someone struggling with addiction

Repose of the soul of Phil

A listener - for her walk with the Lord

Fred and Madeline - full recovery from Covid

Fr. Ron


December 28, 2020

PW- healing from anxiety




Baby Aiden

Chris - 87 yrs old - healing covid

Libby - COVID (Davis' aunt)

Henry-ICU Covid


Kenny- cancer

Phil- who lost his wife yesterday and for their children

Anna- covid hospital

Helen-recovering from leg surgery

Gary-having surgery


Henry, Juan and Teresa- covid

Margarita- praise for blessings




Nina- that she can keep her job


Manny - Good results concerning his job 

Henry - In the Hospital with Covid


December 21, 2020




Helen-recovering from leg surgery

Gary-having surgery


Henry, Juan and Teresa- covid

Margarita- praise for blessings




Nina- that she can keep her job



Repose of the soul of Tony


David-surgery yesterday

Mildred and Juan- Covid




Hedi- a young mom with a tumors on her spine

Repose of the Ray


Catherine's son starting a new school

Bobby- Jacob's Dad



November 19, 2020

Sharon-possible cancer

Repose of Soul- Sonia

Joseph-surgery complications

Linda's- intentions


Alison- rough time


Tracy- Dr. Appt.

Answered prayers for Kim

Paul- lymphoma


Samantha-having a baby today

Helen- healing from surgery

Billy and Christy- sick with Covid


Noah - surgery

Charlotte -cancer

Oscar - vertigo

William, and the repose of Janice's soul


Reagan- 3 months old- has a brain issue

Linda and Norma

Claudine-health issues

Katie-spiritual guidance



Ray- cancer



Joey- missing

Noah-answered prayers surgery went well!

ROS- Father Jose

Margarita's sons

Rosario's private intention

David and his sister to find a permanent home

Mark - healing

A listener's intentions

Joey's brother - that he be found safe

Noah - continued good recovery

Kenny and Grey - healing



November 12, 2020

Sister Nora- heart attack

Shawn- surgery

Rick- meeting with his Dr. today

Donovan- Leukemia

Melissa's family

PW- marriage


William-and his children

Maggie-2 yr old with a mass

Kenny - cancer

Katie - spiritual guidance

Helen - surgery


Roy-just diagnosed with cancer



Jerry-skin cancer

Leyla-lost her brother-

Christy-covid test today

Repose of Soul- Sue

Michael-trouble in school

Reba-transplant surgery

Daphne- broken back

All Veterans and Military



Safety in the storm

Christi -good test results

Margarita's sons

Francisco and his family

Brandon - healing from cancer

Sarah - healing from cancer

Irene - healing

Judy - healing




Ray - healing

A listener - healing and peace

Jamie - hospital for liver failure

Repose of Annie's Soul

Krishan's mother

CTK-women's retreat



Ray - healing


Jim - undergoing Chemo

Don & Kate - healing for their family

November 6, 2020

Please pray for the soul of my high school friend Evelyn, she passed away from Pancreatic cancer yesterday Oct.30. May she now rest in peace. Pray for her family and the many friends who now mourn her. - Ruby

Please pray for another friend who now is battling cancer. Thank you. - Ruby

Please for those who are struggling during the difficult pandemic time, especially for financial reasons. - Ruby 

Sebastian-surgery today


PW- Cancer has returned

Repose of the soul of Evelyn

All families who are struggling during this time

Jim- going through a divorce

May the leaders elected this week be guided by the Holy Spirit as they fulfill their positions. (USCCB final day)

Maria - disabled senior who needs help

Andrew-eye surgery tomorrow

Nicole-Family needs guidance

Cody- and his marriage


Rick-Covid healing

ROS-JULIA, Peace & comfort for her family and friends

Kenny - cancer

Katie - spiritual guidance

Helen - surgery

Amanda- in ICU- miracle healing



Continued prayers for the election

Margarita's Sons

Madelyn - having surgery today


October 30, 2020

Carol-very difficult losses






In this month of the Holy Rosary, may Our Blessed Mother guide us in confronting racial inequalities and restoring peace in our communities.

Cecilia- parkinsons

Ellen-hip problems

Diane's- daughter



Mary's Brother-cancer

PW-needs a lung transplant

Antoinette-eye surgery

Lori-Health and recovery in spiritual emotional and physical difficulties 

Upcoming Election

Karen-heart surgery Thursday



PW- children that they will come back to the Lord


PW-giving praise for her mom feeling better


Spirit Service Week- for all the ministries- that they will be blessed and that people will be generous!

Cheryl, Michael-covid

Michael-in hospital


Cynthia's husband and his work



Rick and his family

Jamie's coworker and nephew

I'm asking for prayer that all my lab test and medical procedures come back normal. I also ask for prayers for my mother who is on hospice and my brother who has stage 4 cancer. I'm experiencing anxiety and ask prayers that my heart is calm and to give my family strength to care for each other. Thank you and God Bless. - Koren, Tampa

October 27, 2020

 For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received. - V.L.

Healing of cancer for Dennis and Mary Anne - Mary, Trinity

Stamina, Wisdom and patience during my husbands complex medical decline - Gerri, San Antonio, FL

Cure for Parkinson's, mental and spiritual health of my children, for the Lord to show me the path, his will. - Cecilia, Seminole

It's my left hip and back. I've had a upsetting Diagnosis. Please pray God heals me. Thanks so much - Mary Ellen, Dade City

Please pray for my daughter who threw her back out and is in sever pain. - Diane, Wesley Chapel

Healthy healing after 2nd surgery - Cheryl, Sun City Center

I am praying for a dear friend Dorothy who is battling advanced cancer with many alarming signs and symptoms. I pray she find some peace in her suffering and have a painless and peaceful transition. In Jesus Name amen. - Olga May

Healing of Cancer for my brother. - Mary , Trinity

He is 51 years old and needs a lung transplant. Prayers that a lung comes soon. - Mike

DWH- Healing body, mind and spirit. - Anita, Clearwater

Successful eye surgery on November 2, 2020 - Antoinette, Beverly Hills

Health and recovery in spiritual emotional and physical difficulties - Lori, Gulfport

Beverly- biopsy

Spirit Service Week- for all the ministries- that they will be blessed and that people will be generous!

Tona-Back issues

Jaylen-out of work

Gene and Alexandra- married this last weekend

Donovan- Leukemia

Connie, Cheryl, -Covid




Rebecca and her friend



Helen- healing


Bobbi-financial situation

Frank-test results

Carol-very difficult losses






Bryan-Homeless and addicted




Madeline who has cancer and Joe who is on dialysis.

Holly and her children for peace in their family


Jonathan and Christine and their marriage

Grace- healing from self harm

PW- job interview



Helen- healing

Spirit Service Week- for all the ministries- that they will be blessed and that people will be generous!

Amanda- neck surgery 

Sharon-pneumonia and on a ventilator 

Donovan- Leukemia- 25

John-Lung Cancer

Margarita and her sons


Miguel-protection at work

Ben- cancer and for his son who is having a difficult time dealing





Kristin's husband

Amanda and Kenny- newlyweds

October 16, 2020

Ellie -4 yrs old hand injury

Clint-covid test result- for healing

Lisa- Repose of the soul

Americo- in Hospital-

Donovan-25 and diagnosed with Cancer

Baby Aiden- Only 2lbs and 2 months early

Rawan - healing for my brother after bone marrow transplant




Amanda- neck surgery

Helen- healing


Debbie and Gary- healing from Covid

Joe- discernment for a new job

George - Hospice Care

Olivia-fractured hip (not ours obviously)

Christi-safe delivery of baby



A family and a housing situation

Caroyln-hospice and her husband Robert has Lymphoma

Chuck- has procedure today

Nick and Nichole- getting married in December

Adia- amputation

Julie and Chris- married yesterday

Healing for my brother after bone marrow transplant  - Rawan


Please pray for Beth who is going to have major surgery this week, again. May the surgery relieve her of the severe pain she has been in. Also, please pray for her husband, Bob, that he will be able to take care of himself and Beth while she is recovering. - Jackie


4 my friends funeral, her family and repose of her soul..and courage 2 speak when needed - Anonymous


I ask for prsyers for my son and his job interview signals a hard working young man! And my husband 2 find what he needs 2 make a living today and my daughter an her depressive situation to know the love of God.
And we can do all th8ngs thru him! Ty n May God bless u all! - Anonymous


Please teach me to LOVE more fervently, especially my Lord & my God. - Marge

October 9, 2020

Sue- covid and cancer

Please Pray for my personal intentions - PW and her sons


Ben - cancer CT scan - for good results

Maddie - healing

For Lor - fighting stage 4 lymphoma

For Helen - losing her eyesight 

For John - fighting congestive heart failure, A-fib, and macular degeneration

For Elizabeth - pain of scoliosis and restless leg syndrome

Margarita - her sons

Amanda - back and neck injury

Mary (mom of two babies) - Covid

Andrew - surgery

Melissa - job interview today


PW daughter and her boyfriend

Patrick - Covid 

Lauren- baby due any day now

Please Pray for my personal intentions - Peter

Donovan-25 and diagnosed with Cancer

Baby Aiden- Only 2lbs and 2 months early

Cindy- healing from tmj and neck injury 

Benjamin- healing bladder disease

Connie- healing dementia

Praise report for Baby Alice Kate- getting to go home after 72 days in NICU

Kevin-homeless that he would get back on the right track

Bob- on a ventilator from covid 

Paul- (had covid) for complete healing

Please Pray for my personal intentions - Katie

Please pray for Healing from cancer â€" Kenny

Please Pray for my personal intentions - Andy

Please Pray for my personal intentions â€" Cammie

All those in the path of Hurricane Delta

Katie's parents â€" healing

Please Pray for my personal intentions - Carol 

Rawan - healing for my brother after bone marrow transplant

October 7, 2020

Please pray that Marco can overcome a negative situation. - Marco, Tampa

Pray for Peter Cholewa Mersa, cut on his leg, in hospital - Kathy, Palm Harbor

September 21, 2020

Please pray for my dad - that the exam on his urinary system is successful. - Ana 

Please pray for Luke and successful surgeries and for continued protection for all the unborn and for my family. - Kathy, Palm Harbor

Please pray for Donna who is in the hopsital for respiratory issues unrelated to COVID-19. - Ollie, St. Petersburg

Please pray for Drew that he getrs the help he needs and an income. Please pray for our family members to heal in body, mind and spirit. - Anonymous

Prayers are requested for the successful outcome of a priest's heart situation as he recuperates in a Chicago hospital. - Anonymous

Please pray for my father in his battle with cancer and pray for my mother as she continues serving as his caretaker. - Anonymous

Please pray for the safety and health of my sisters - one a healthcare worker and one a school teacher. - Diane, Clearwater

Please pray for an upcoming medical procedure for myself, for my son who lsot is job, for my daughter suffering from depression that she seeks help, and for my husband. - Anonymous

Please help me pray for seven year old Jude and his family as they journey through his brain cancer treatments. - Maria, Tampa

Please lift up Carrie and Sid in prayer to grant her complete physical healing from her cancer and complete spiritual healing for her and her entire family. - Madelyn, Lithia

Please pray in thanksgiving for answered prayers May all who have left a request be given peace of mind at this horrible time of Covid 19, I will pray for all of you! - Norberta, New Port Richey

Please pray for my sister's family, that they may have the strength and peace they need during their current crisis, and may Jesus provide spiritual and mental healing for my nephew. - Anonymous

Please pray for my friend Ann whose medical condition remains undiagnosed. - Janice, Wesley Chapel

September 14, 2020

Please pray that my Dad does not have cancer and heals. - Ana, Largo

Please pray for a priest in the ICU in Chicago recovering from serious heart issues. - Anonymous. 

Please pray for my niece Sara, who's in need of a liver transplant. She in the hospital today with internal bleeding, Praying for healing and strength during this journey for Sara and her little family. - Beth, Lutz

Please pray for safe healing from a recent injury. - Cheryl

Please pray for Mike, who is scheduled for surgery. - Eleanor, Dunedin

Please pray for Denny who is currently on palliative care due to Covid-19. He has a family with 2 young children. - Anonymous

Please pray for my family and all medical personnel. - Mary Ellen, New Port Richey

Please pray that all of the election races in November will be decided in accordance with God's will. - Mary, St. Petersburg

Please pray that I can become more devoted to Christ and able to want only Him and detach from this world. - Karen, Lutz

Please pray for my friend who has lost her job and has been out of work for 3 months. - Diane, Pinellas Park

Please pray for complete healing for Scott, Holly, Shannon, Andy. - Anonymous

Please pray for my brother-in-law's improved health and for his doctors to find the reason he is currently suffering. - Katherine, New York

Please pray for good test results for my husband. - Anonymous

Please pray for Cindy and Sylvia to be healed of their illnesses. - Helen, Largo

September 8, 2020

Please pray for guidance on a job situation, prayers for homeschooling and prayers for a healthy pregnancy (due in May) after a miscarriage in February. - Lauren, Punta Gorda

Please pray for my mother who is suffering extreme anxiety and nervousness. - Megan, Valrico

Please pray for all school nurses, as they deal with ever increasing demands at work and stress that impacts them at home. For those who have done this for over 25 years and are now praying for wisdom & guidance on whether or not they should retire at this time. - Mary, New Port Richey

Pleaese pray that the results of my dad's ultrasound are very good and free from cancer. - Ana, Largo

Please pray for the complete healing of Lucila and Tereso. - Anonymous, Angeles City, Philippines

Please pray for my health and the protection of the Church's team I play worship with in Plant City. Also pray for my mother and roommate's dad's health. - Wilton, Brandon

Please pray for my family and that all who have to go back to school will be safe from Covid-19. God bless my husband our children and our grandchildren and help me to get better. - Mary Ellen, New Port Richey

Please pray for my husband Mark who will have a biopsy and for Kevin who will have surgery. - Brenda, Largo

Please pray for me. - Janice, Land O'Lakes

Please pray for that my plumbing issue gets resolved. - Regina, St. Petersburg


For Previous Prayer Intentions:

June - August 2020

March - May 2020


Please pray for families who are away from each other right now , hearts are hurting , Pray for family we have lost and were not able to be with as they passed away. - Ruby



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