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31 Day Challenge





Sign up for the challenge here!


What is the 31 Day Challenge?

Keep your radio tuned to Spirit FM for 31 Days. It's that simple! Do the super-challenge and download the app to your phone and take us on a walk or listen online in the office!

We will be starting this challenge together on January 1, 2023, but you can start whenever! Each day will come with a "thought for the day" based on the daily mass readings, and a matching song, posted in our facebook group, or found in the PDF version here. You can also sign up for daily emails here.


Why take the 31 Day Challenge?

We believe that God never stops wanting to communicate with us and we've heard over and over again from YOU that he uses Spirit FM to do just that! He does it through the music, the messages shared by the on-air personalities, prayer time... the list goes on and on!


So what could you be missing when you flip the channel?

Here's another thought: When you change the station, sometimes the station you land on is not sharing life-affirming messages of hope and love. In fact, it could be the exact opposite. What if, for 31 days, you fill your ears and your heart with nothing but that goodness? What change will you see in the way you interact with family members, co-workers and even strangers?


But there's this one song that I don't like...

Here's where the challenge part comes in! We know that everyone has personal tastes. A song can be one listener's favorite while it makes another reach for the pre-set buttons. Here's our suggestion:

Next time a song plays that you don't like or are just tired of, think about the person who is hearing that message for the first time or receiving a special moment of grace because of the right lyrics and PRAY FOR THAT PERSON. Yep, spend those three-and-a-half minutes in prayer. Then keep in mind when you're getting a great message from a song, there's a very good chance that a listener is out there praying for you at that very moment!


How do I get involved?

If you're on social media, you can join our facebook group! 


You can also sign up for a daily email here.

A PDF version of the challenge is also available here



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