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Daily Scripture Reflections

The Future is Close

Sunday, November 18, 2018 • John Morris
No one knows the time or the hour....

Mark 13:32  Jesus said to his disciples:  "But of that day or hour, no one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

Most people wonder what the future holds for them.  It's human nature to want to prepare for events as they unfold.  We know that the sun will rise and set and we also know that we will die.  It's the what's after death that we wonder about.  As Christians we know that the only one that knows our future is God.  Part of man's issue is that we want to control our future, instead of letting go of things and allow God to guide us in our lives. We want to see signs, and not have surprises sprung on us.   In Mark's Gospel reading this weekend, Jesus is sharing with the disciples about what the future will be…not so much the everyday future, but the end times. They want to see signs. Jesus shares of epic almost unnatural signs like stars falling from the sky and the sun going dark.  If that happens, something is terribly wrong.  But in the end, Jesus tells them then, not to look for such big things, but the little things. Jesus shares that when new green leaves sprout from a fig tree, that spring is coming.  It's a sign of new hope and a new life.  He reminds them that they shouldn't worry about the end, because while things of this world are fleeting, the words of Jesus will remain their source of strength.  We have to remember that the Jews had been persecuted for many centuries and at that time living under the Roman rule. This story reminds them that everything on earth will come and go…that includes governments, persecutors, maladies, and other natural disasters.  But throughout it all, Jesus will be with them (and us) always.  Now that is easy to say and understand, but it's more difficult to live by it.   The last line of the reading reminds us that we do not know the hour when the end, our end comes, so we must be ready.  So how do we? Is our heart clean, is your life one were you lived a life in Christ, obeying his teachings and living God's commandments?  God's grace gets us to heaven, but by living his teachings, we can help ourselves and others grow closer to Jesus as well.  Maybe your life has been away from Christ, maybe you haven't been to church in a while.  Maybe you've been through a bad relationship and that has eaten at you for much of your life.  You still have time today to fix all of it.  Have the courage to call that person and make things right.  If you've been away from church or haven't been to confession in years, do so today.  Find a church this weekend and see where the spirit takes you.  For you know not the time when you will be called. 


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