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Daily Scripture Reflections

Love in Them for You

Thursday, May 17, 2018 • John Morris
Jesus shares his diary of life through prayer and ....

John 17:26

I made known to them your name and I will make it known, that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in them.

Most of us like to share stories of our lives with coworkers and friends; those little events that take place within our own little world, especially our children or pets.  Now with technology and specifically the internet, we can see these stories in video or creative memes (if I'm using the term correctly).  Hundreds of millions of people use facebook, youtube, snapchat, twitter and Instagram every day.  Most of the stories and events posted are trivial in nature, but some are truly heartfelt and even prayerful. We post our own things so that others know events of our lives. Some people keep diaries so that years from now, they can look back on what happened.  Today most post online, except for some of their deepest feelings. 

In today's Gospel from John, Jesus prays to the Father with a heartfelt and earnest testimony concluding with the words, quoted above. The entire chapter 17 is a prayer that is almost like a speech when an employee retires and recaps what they've done over the course of their life or career.  Jesus spent his life teaching lessons of God.  He didn't have the internet or apps to do it.  He did it in stories. We are called to do the same.  Shouldn't this prayer be our same daily prayer?  Shouldn't we be asking God to give us the grace and courage to make known God the Father and the deep and immeasurable love he has for us?  We should, but most of us don't.  This entire prayer reads not only like a plea, but an explanation of our world.  This was the prayer offered just before the passion began.  In some respect it reads like an employee explaining what he did and what was going to happen in a situation.  God was in Jesus.  Jesus is in us.  The Holy Spirit works through us and guides us.  Take some time today to read and pray this entire prayer, SLOWLY.  Pray that we share that same love of the Father with those in our little world, so that all may know that love of God in their lives and ours.


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