Kids' Kingdom


Kids' Kingdom w/ Elle

When you listen in to the Kid's Kingdom,  I will take your song requests:  1-800-223-9286 

Also I announce the birthdays and play the birthday song at 10:00 am each Saturday. You can email 



For fun family gardening ideas check this site : 

The Amercian Horticultural Society check "Growing Green Kids" section



This time of year it is so dry outside that if we can leave a clean source of water out for the wild animals and our outside cats and pets, then they can drink and wash up.  But remember to change out the water daily so that we do not get too many mosquitos. 




Have you ever seen a lighthouse?  There are 30 lighthouses in Florida today, and lighthouses have played a critical role in Florida's history.

Jesus is like our lighthouse to guide us through the troubled seas of our daily lives, always shining brightly. Notice that when it is the darkest outside, even a small light will seem brighter.










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