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Winning Wednesday

Winning Wednesday

There's a new chance to win awesome prizes every Wednesday! Click to sign up.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

If you're looking for a VBS for the kiddos this summer or want to submit a VBS for inclusion on our calendar, click the sunglasses.

Rock the Universe 2018 Lineup

Rock the Universe 2018 Lineup

Rock out to artists like TobyMac, Casting Crowns, For King and Country, Brandon Heath and lots more at Universal Orlando on Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th.

'Walking priest' pursues street evangelization hoping listeners seek God

IMAGE: CNS photo/Jerry MennengaBy Joanne FoxWEST BEND, Iowa (CNS) -- With apologies to Fats Domino,Father Lawrence Carney is "walkin' and talkin' aboutyou and me," and hoping that listeners will come back to -- not "me"-- but God.Known as the "walking priest,"Father Carney brought his message of street evangelization to Sts. Peter andPaul Church in the north central Iowa town of West Bend in early July.The event was sponsored by the Shrine of the Grotto of theRedemption in collaboration with the Office of Discipleship and Evangelization for theDiocese of Sioux City.Ordained for the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, FatherCarney is on loan to the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri, where he serves as chaplainto the Benedictines of Mary,Queen of Apostles, in Gower. He visits the nuns daily to celebrate the Tridentine Mass, offers thesacrament of reconciliation and provides spiritual direction.Once his duties are complete, Father Carney, 42, takes tothe streets of St. Joseph. Armed ...

Update: CRS student ambassadors stress need for human dignity to Congress

IMAGE: CNS photo/Dennis SadwoskiBy Dennis SadowskiWASHINGTON(CNS) -- Denise Ssettimbajust began her brief presentation to an aide to Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana,on the need to maintain U.S. funding for global anti-hunger efforts when twocongressional dining staffers with food carts in tow asked to squeeze by in abusy hallway in the DirksenSenate Office Building.The 18-year-oldXavier University of Louisianastudent stepped a little closer into the tight circle around the aide, Kaitlyn Dwyer, staying on message."Wewant to share that there are a lot of ways that this aid helps people avoid migration,"Ssetimba said.Fellow XavierUniversity students Ja'CheMalone and SarahBertrand and Madeleine Woolverton,a student at Tulane University, picked up the call as Ssetimba finished."Theissues of global hunger and migration are intimately linked because hunger isone of the causes of migration," Woolverton said. "When we canprovide funding for programs that can provide sustainable solutions ......

Once a troubled teen, young man found hope in faith and now is teacher

IMAGE: CNS photo/Gina Christian, catholicphilly.comBy Gina ChristianAUDUBON, Pa. (CNS) -- When hearrived at St. Gabriel's Hall in Audubon nine years ago, Quamiir Trice was inhandcuffs.Arrested for dealing crack, the15-year-old had been sent to a residential treatment program for at-risk youthoffered by St. Gabriel's, part of the Philadelphia Archdiocese's CatholicSocial Services.On June 27, Trice returned toSt. Gabriel's -- this time, as a Pennsylvania state certified educator, freshfrom his fourth-grade classroom and ready to teach mathematics at summerschool."They took the handcuffs off assoon as my feet hit the ground here," Trice said, recalling his first momentsat St. Gabriel's as a troubled teenager. "Everything here was so green andbeautiful and peaceful. It definitely made me feel like I was in a good place."During his time at the MiddleStates accredited school, Trice earned his GED while displaying a gift formathematics. Through intensive counseling sessions, he learned to ...

Adoptive parents nervous after raids of Missionaries of Charity homes

IMAGE: CNS photo/Saadia AzimBy Saadia AzimRANCHI, India (CNS) -- Theodore Kiro held 13-month-oldNavya on her return to his family after they were separated for a week. The cryingbaby happily clung to Kiro, whom she knows as her grandfather. Navya is one of the four babies whose fatebecame entangled in the recent child trafficking scandal broke at Rachi's NirmalHriday (Tender Heart) home, run by the Missionaries of Charity. A five-memberdistrict child welfare committee decided it was not fair for the foster motherand the child to be separated for long and ruled they should be unitedconditionally. The welfare committee asked the foster parents to take the childbefore the committee every week and keep it informed of the child's schedule. "The child and the mother were intrauma after separation, so the committee members decided compassionately tounite them. But this status has been fixed for the next two months only," saidKiro, a local political leader using his clout to prepare legal p...

Pope adds teen to list of saints to be declared during synod on youth

IMAGE: CNS photo/Vatican MediaBy VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis added an Italian teenager tothe list of peoplehe will formally recognizeas saints Oct. 14 during the monthlong meeting of the world Synod of Bishops onyoung people.During an "ordinary public consistory" July 19,Pope Francis announced he would declare Blessed Nunzio Sulprizio a saint the same day he will canonize BlessedsOscar Romero, Paul VI and four others. An ordinary public consistory is ameeting of the pope, cardinals and promoters of sainthood causes that formallyends the sainthood process.Sulprizio was born April 13, 1817, in the Abruzzo region near Pescara.Both of his parents died when he was an infant and his maternal grandmother,who raised him, died when he was nine.An uncle took him under his guardianship and had theyoung boy work for him in his blacksmith shop. However, the work was toostrenuous for a boy his age and he developed a problem in his leg, which becamegangrenous.A military colonel took care of...

Texas bishops join event to support migrants, highlight church teaching

IMAGE: CNS photo/Loren Elliott, ReutersBy Rhina GuidosWASHINGTON(CNS) -- During a time when immigrants around the country have come underattack, the Diocese of El Paso, Texas, and representatives from other dioceses in Texas and nearby New Mexicoare joining a variety of faith groups in a show of support and solidarity formigrants in their communities. "Bea light in the times of darkness," said El Paso Bishop Mark J. Seitz in a YouTubevideo posted July 18 announcing an interfaith procession in El Paso on July 20,which will be joined by faith leaders from the Presbyterian, Unitarian,Lutheran, Muslim, Baha'i and indigenous Tigua traditions. A vigilfollowing the procession will feature testimony from separated families.The second day, which focuses on the church's teaching on migrants,will begin with a Mass celebrated by the bishops in attendance and includes akeynote speech by a Vatican representative, a social justice drama by the youthof the diocese, as well suggestions for how to o...

Amigos for Christ continues work in Nicaragua amid political turmoil

IMAGE: CNS photo/courtesy Amigos for ChristBy Priscilla GreearBUFORD,Ga. (CNS) -- The Buford-based Amigos for Christ nonprofit serving Nicaragua'spoorest has canceled all summer mission trips due to an upsurge in violence inthe Central American country.Yet,several Nicaraguan churches near the organization's Chinandega headquartershave stepped in to serve their neighbors and partner with Amigos to finish constructionof 100 modern bathrooms and a clean water system for El Pedregal village."Wenormally have about 1,800 people come down each year, and we've had to postponethe trips until we can tell people it's going to be OK to travel," saidexecutive director John Bland from the group's headquarters, a three-hour drivefrom the capital, Managua.Humanrights groups put the death toll in Nicaragua at more than 350 since April 18,when protests erupted over reforms to the country's social security system. Catholicclergy have been attacked and anti-government protesters are besieged by Nicarag...

'Prosperity gospel' props up policies lacking compassion, journal says

IMAGE: CNS/Paul HaringBy Cindy WoodenROME (CNS) -- The "prosperity gospel" that U.S.President Donald Trump and many of his advisers and followers seem to espousedoes not promote solidarity for the common good, but sees God as giving his blessingsto the rich and punishing the poor, said an influential Jesuit journal.The philosophy "is used as a theological justificationfor economic neo-liberalism" and is "a far cry from the positive andenlightening prophecy of the American dream that has inspired many," saidthe article in La CiviltaCattolica, a journal reviewed at the Vatican before publication.The article was written by the journal's editor, JesuitFather Antonio Spadaro, and by MarceloFigueroa, an evangelical pastor, who is director of the Argentineedition of the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano.In an email, Father Spadaro described the article as"what I consider the second part of our article on the relationshipbetween politics and fundamentalism in the United States."The f...

Alvare: Society needs church's 'gorgeous prescriptions for human love'

IMAGE: CNS photo/Dan RogersBy Valerie SchmalzNAPA,Calif. (CNS) -- Americans continue to pursue "this ridiculous path" of "unlinkingsex and marriage and kids, while calling what is actually falling apart 'flying,'"said one of America's foremost Catholic feminist thinkers."All thewhile (they're) hurtling toward a collision with the ground," said HelenAlvare, founder of the activist movement Women Speak for Themselves and a lawprofessor at George Mason University's Antonin Scalia Law School in Arlington, Virginia."Kids are hitting rock bottomwith suicide and opioid use" as serial cohabitation and plummeting numbers ofmarriages signal the disintegration of a relational society, she said in a talkJuly 12 at the Napa Institute's eighth annual conference in NorthernCalifornia's wine country.But there are signs of hope inthe "huge growth of hashtags, movements ' straining toward solidarity," Alvaresaid."There are opportunities for thechurch to narrow the gap between our current contemporary...

Pulled from the sea, migrant's rescue puts spotlight on Italian policy

IMAGE: CNS photo/Juan Medina, ReutersBy Cindy WoodenROME (CNS) -- Tweeting with hashtags that translate as"Closed ports" and "Open hearts," Italy's interior ministerdisputed claims that the Italian government was complicit in leaving a migrantto die in the Mediterranean Sea as she clung to a board from a destroyedfishing boat.Matteo Salvini, the minister, has given strong support toItaly's policy of having the Libyan coast guard patrol its own shores, pushingback refugee boats or taking the migrants and refugees back to camps in Libya.He also has worked to prevent rescue boats fromdocking in Italy until other European countries agree to take a share of themigrants onboard.Salvini and others credit the Italian policy with leading toa sharp decline in the number of migrants and refugees arriving on Italy'sshores. The 17,838 migrants and refugees who arrived between Jan. 1 and July 18represent an 86.5 percent decline from the number of arrivals in the sameperiod in 2017 and an 84.8 pe...

Thought of the Day

If you knew what this meant, I desire mercy, not sacrifice, you would not have condemned these innocent men.

Matthew 12:7

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